Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Girl Scout cookies

Further on the theme of we_swap_snacks: can someone tell me about the availability of Girl Scout cookies?

They're an icon of American culture, and I'd be interested to try some, but am wondering whether they'd be available to my swap partner, since as I understand it, they're typically sold as part of fund-raisers, so might not be available year-round but only at selected dates.

Is that about right? Or are there places where you can get them at any time? (Or even order them off the web? Presumably not since that would not benefit a specific local unit.)

If they're only sold occasionally, about how often is this? Every couple of months, perhaps, so if the swap partner knew sufficiently far in advance that I'd like some, they could wait until the next sale? Or only once or twice a year? Or does this depend so much on the local unit that it's impossible to say in general?

Relatedly, what are your favourite Girl Scout cookies? Why those in particular?

Which ones would you recommend?

Oh, and in what kind of quantities do they get sold? I wouldn't want to buy entire boxes of cookies—something on the order of 200 g (7 oz) per type, perhaps. Is that possible?

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