Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


I picked up a rental car this afternoon (a VW Fox! Stella had been wanting to try one of those out for quite a while), and we headed off to IKEA.

Amy and I had supper in the cafeteria/restaurant there, while Stella went shopping. After that, we headed off to pick up a couple more things she had forgotten, then went to the cash register to pay.

Amy wanted a hot dog; I was still full from the lamb goulash with rice I had had earlier (and most of Amy's noodles with tomato sauce, which she only had a couple of forkfuls from). Stella gave me some money to go shopping in the Sweden shop, so I did.

I had a couple of the "Delikato" balls this evening; pretty good!

And Stella just told me she's happy about the blinds she put up in the living room (that she bought there this evening).

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