Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Naughty words

For a while now, Amy has found it amusing to say "Kaka" in German.

Not a particularly nasty word for excrement, as such words go, but still one we'd rather she not use. (Which is probably why she says it: the shock value.)

Now the amusing thing is that I'm essentially her only source for English, except for children's DVDs—and none of those has taught her any swear words. So when she tries to shock me in English, she has to settle for the worst word she knows for the concept, which is "poo". (Since "pee" and "poo" are the words I use in daily life with her.)

So it's kind of incongruous to hear this child, obviously trying to use a shock word, and using such a weak and inoffensive word when doing so! (Simply because she doesn't know anything stronger in English.) Sort of like hearing someone say "abso-love-making-lutely" or "I don't give a poo"...

Tags: amy
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