Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

General Conference

Yesterday, a Sister complemented me on Amy—she said that she was very sweet and had behaved very well during conference session. Her name was Sister Heiner and she came from New Mexico, and she said that it seemed to her that more Germans knew that New Mexico is one of the United States than did Americans...

Today, Helen looked stunning again. She really looks like a young lady, and has done for a while. And I hardly recognised her sister; she's grown quite a bit taller, too.

And I saw Danny today, for the first time! After only chatting to her so far.

As for the talks, Elder Nelson (I think it was) talked about prayer, and suggested that it's appropriate to use "thou, thee, thy, thine" in prayers as a mark of respect. The etymologist's mind boggles. (I posted about the subject before, after reading a talk by Elder Oaks.)


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