Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Amy = Tonstant Weader

Last night, we went to Parent's Evening(?) at Amy's kindergarten. They had little bowls of biscuits for parents to snack on.

Amy was also there, as Stella and I both attended, and she had quite a few of the biscuits.

This morning, she said she wasn't hungry; I thought it was because she was tired due to the late evening last night. So I offered to have her sit on my lap and cuddle with me a bit while I ate breakfast, and she accepted.

Stella said Amy had closed her eyes and looked as if she were starting to fall asleep.

When, without warning, she threw up all over herself, my trowsers, my sleeve, the chair cushion, and the floor.

No idea why, though "too many biscuits" was one suspect. At any rate, we got her undressed and cleaned up and Stella let her stay at home for the day. And I got changed and went to work by myself.

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