Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Amy's first pocket money

This morning, Stella ceremoniously gave Amy a little box as well as her first pocket money: 10+20+20+50 cents, totalling a euro (since that's what she had around).

I tried to explain that she could now buy things for herself, or save all or part of the money.

Amy listened, and then decided to put all of the money into the piggy bank. (A plastic egg with Playmobil inside that she had got for easter, which had a slit at the bottom so we decided it could be a piggy bank.)

She then decided to pour some of the jelly beans she also got into the money box.

Ah well :) I guess that for her, the coins are about as interesting as jelly beans right now—the concept of conventional intrinsic value that can be exchanged for goods is probably not one that has really registered. Well, she's got more than enough time to learn it still before she moves out.

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