Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

I am later again there

Heard from Amy today, "I am later again there".

This probably makes next to no sense for those who don't know both German and Amyish.

It means, in fact, "I'll be right back".

In origin, it's a literal translation from the German: "Ich bin gleich wieder da".

The Amyism in there is the use of "later" for "gleich"; this is something that a statistical translator such as Google's might produce, since while the two words are not particularly close equivalents, I'll typically use "later" where Stella often (ab)uses "gleich".

"Gleich" means something like "in a short while" or "in a moment"; it's somewhere in between "immediately" (sofort) and "soon" (bald). You might say, for example, "I heard their car turning the corner onto our road! Your uncle will 'gleich' be there!".

But Stella occasionally uses it for things that are a bit further away than "in a moment", typically when trying to put Amy off a little (e.g. "Gleich sind wir zu Hause", we'll be home in a moment), where I'd use "soon" in English—or, for that matter, "bald" in German.

Or, in some cases, I'll use "later" where she might use "gleich", where I feel that I can't promise any particular soon-ness but can only tell her that it won't be now but, well, later. Sometime during the same day but not in the next quarter of an hour, for example. At any rate, she seems to have equated "later" with "gleich".

(She also has a few other time-related Amyisms, not all of which I understand. For example, "one day"/"einen Tag" is something time-related but I'm not quite sure what; I think it might be something like "sometimes" or possibly "there was this occasion when".)

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