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First day of stake conference

Yesterday was the first day of stake conference, with priesthood training session first at two and then a meeting for all members over eighteen at five.

In the first meeting, I translated simultaneously German into English, since the designated interpreter didn't show up in time—since I was sitting behind Elder Rasband, I just spoke into his ear, as it were. And, of course, I interpreted consecutively for him when it was his turn to speak, standing next to him at the pulpit.

In the second meeting, the simultaneous de–en translator was there, sitting on a bench with a headset, so I only did the en–de bit.

A lot of people complimented me on my interpretation afterwards, which made me feel nice. (Though it means I'll likely be called on more often in the future; I'm not yet sure how I feel about that.)

A couple of people even said they felt it was the best interpretation they had ever heard *blush*. The mission president was kind enough to point out an error I had made, and another one I several people pointed out to me while I was still speaking (which was good, because what I had thought he had said didn't make much sense to me; "the colours of their gang" had sounded like "the colours of their game" to me).

One person asked me whether I was employed to interpret by the Church :) And Nadine van Impelen asked me "ob ich das gelernt hätte" (whether I had studied that [i.e. interpretation, I suppose])… that kind of amused me and made me happy, too, especially coming from her.

I'd found her kind of cute (and a bit haughty) for years and I like being noticed by her, especially if it's in so positive a way. (Must be something in the name; I also rather like Nadine Langbehn. Incidentally, they're both from the same ward originally, and there even used to be a third Nadine there, one of them told me once.)

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