Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

The end of an era: GeoCities will close later this year

GeoCities will close later this year.

For years, it was one of the number-one free web hosts (perhaps because it stayed there, while others such as Xoom came and went), and there are thousands of pages hosted there... sometimes unmaintained for years but still with interesting and useful content.

So I worry a little about the amount of content that is going to drop off the face of the web, because I doubt that everyone will move their stuff. (After all, many people haven't touched their sites in years; why should they go to the work of backing up their data and finding a new web host now?)

And I should, perhaps, get my little toy GeoCities site working on my other host—I had dumped the content there at one point but hadn't set it up or checked whether anything worked.

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