Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Second day of stake conference

Second day of stake conference, interpreting for Elder Rasband again. Just before the meeting started, Nadine van Impelen told me "Viel Erfolg!" ("[I wish you] a lot of success!"), which made me happy again.

It went fairly well again; I only really struggled for words once. At the beginning of Elder Rasband's talk, it was a bit embarrassing because he said what a great translator I was. Having to interpret that made me a bit self-conscious; the fact that lots of people laughed at what he was putting me through didn't help :) But I survived.

Afterwards, a bunch of people thanked me again and told me what a good job I did. Some comments I liked included:

  • They felt that my translation was fluid, that it wasn't choppy the way it sometimes is (especially when they forget in the middle of the sentence how it started out and so the grammar is all wonky). One specifically compared me to some General Conference interpreters who, they say, do a pretty bad job, especially since they're given the script beforehand to translate.
  • They felt that my words carried conviction and that they bore the same spirit as Elder Rasband's.

Especially the second one made me think… because I'm still trying to figure out my convictions a bit. At several points, I felt that I wanted to believe what I was saying (in translation for him) but I wasn't sure whether I could have been saying it out of my own conviction or not.

I asked him for his calling card afterwards and he said I could write to him. Perhaps I'll do so and mention my feelings in this respect.

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