Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Walk with Amy :: Allergy test

Yesterday afternoon, we went on a walk with Amy (we on foot, Amy on her balance bicycle).

We saw a couple of young girls (maybe 11 or so), who obviously overheard me speaking English to Amy.

At one point, one the girls approached me and asked timidly, "Do you have the time, please?"

I pulled my mobile phone out of my pocket and showed it to her (my screensaver is a full-screen digital clock): 16:02. I said, "kurz nach vier".

She seemed a tad flustered and asked me whether I was English; I said yes.

After we went on, Stella commented to me that the girl must have screwed up all her courage in order to approache me; I chuckled and said that I had felt the same thing. Especially since she not only spoke to me in her (presumably school-learned) English but must also have been prepared to understand the response!

Afterwards, I wondered whether I had done her a disservice by answering her in German; I suppose that depends on whether she really wanted to know the time (unlikely, in hindsight, given that her friend had a mobile phone on her that she had used to snap some pictures with, and which presumably had the right time) or whether she wanted to practise her English or impress her friend. Ah well.

A bit later on, while coming back from the big meadow where Amy could ride her balance bicycle to her heart's content without having to worry about cars, Amy failed to stop when we called to her to stop, so I ran after her and picked her up and we went home, with her on foot rather than on the balance bicycle.

I later asked Stella whether I had been too strict but she said no; I think that when the parents say, "Stop!" or "Wait!" that the child has to listen immediately and not treat it as a joke, because it could be something serious.

This morning, I had a prick test for allergies. She only tested seven substances (salt solution; histamine; two kinds of mites; grasses; rye; and birch), four of which developed into huge wheals/welts. Fortunately, after the doctor looked at them, the assistant put some Fenistil (topical antihistamine? not quite sure what it does) on them and the itching went away. But I still have big bumps there now, an hour later.


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