Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


Today, we decided to go and rent a car.

Stella asked whether we could just call them and get a car immediately, and I said, sure, that should be possible as long as they have cars left.

So I called them and they even still had a Fox (Stella's favourite car) and I had them pick me up.

Then since we had the car already, we drove over to IKEA. (I took the day off as a "bridge day" following the Ascension Day public holiday yesterday.)

Yay. IKEA is always fun. And Stella got her swivel chair: one like mine, but with a pink seat rather than a black one. We didn't find it in the shelves, but I asked the chap at the desk on the off-chance that they had them on another shelf somewhere (I've seen it where similar models were not in adjacent slots but separated by quite a bit), and he printed out a receipt for us to pick it up at a counter after paying for it. So yay! They had it in stock, just not out in the self-serve area.

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