Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

An unpleasant surprise

We had rented a car to go and visit my sister in Wuppertal for the christening of her little boy.

This evening, we decided to go shopping and buy some more heavy things (mostly drinks) since we had the car already.

When we moved the back seats a bit forward in preparation for putting more things into the boot (US: trunk), Stella got an unpleasant surprise: there were a bunch of peanuts that had fallen behind one of the seats.

Stella didn't want to ride in a car that had peanuts in it because of her allergies, so Amy and I headed off to a filling station. I filled up the car (since I would need some more petrol anyway for the long trip tomorrow) and vacuumed the car. Then we met Stella at ALDI.

She inspected the area and pronounced my efforts sufficient, and thanked me for doing that for her.

We were both annoyed that the car hadn't been cleaned completely, *especially* of such an allergen. Though to be honest, that part of the car was only visible (or accessible) if you move the seats forward most of the way.

We're not going to return the car now, but we'll make sure to mention it when we do bring it back on Tuesday.

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