Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


The cetirizine (generic Zyrtec/Reactine) tables that my doctor had prescribed me ran out.

Stella offered me her Xusal tablets, which she said she didn't need, since abstaining from milk products helped her allergies quite a bit.

I was a bit confused at finding that the active agent was "levocetirizine" and wondered whether it was the same as cetirizine. Now that I've checked Wikipedia, apparently, it's the active enantiomer of cetirizine.

When I asked the doctor's assistant this morning, she said that they were different active agents, and that furthermore, levocetirizine required a prescription while cetirizine was available OTC, but that if L-c. helped me I could go on taking that.

I decided to buy another 50-box of c., though, partly because I was unsure due to the fact that the recommended dose of c. is 10 mg while for L-c. is only 5 mg (though that makes sense if c. is a 50/50 mixture of L-c. and D-c.), and partly because Stella only had 20 left so I'd run out eventually anyway.

Anyway, when I went down to the chemist's to pick up my prescription nose spray (which I'm close to running out of) and asked for cetirizine, she asked me which company I'd like it to be from and I said I didn't care.

She brought me HEXAL brand c., which surprised me a bit since on the display shelves, they had ratiopharm brand c. on display with a sign saying that it was on sale—but she said that HEXAL brand was on sale, too, and was cheaper than ratiopharm brand. Oh well, whatever, should be all the same.

The ironic thing was that she gave me a free packet of paper handkerchiefs with it, which had advertising for ratiopharm brand c. on it....

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