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We went swimming this afternoon.

Amy had been looking forward to it the whole day; I had been a bit unsure since we didn't leave till 16:00 hours and I thought it would be too late, but on the whole, we had quite a bit of fun!

We also went to a children's play area that we had seen outside from the Viking ship area, which must have been there for ages but which we had never seen before. (Perhaps also because whenever we were outside, it was typically chilly enough that we'd stay in the heated water rather than venturing beyond the little hedge.)

Amy enjoyed the slide—more so when the water was slow than when it was fast. On the other hand, when I went on the slide with her while the water was slow, it was so slow that I got stuck a couple of times and I had to move forward by scooting forwards on my bottom with my feet! (I tried going on the slow slide by myself, and found that it worked all right if I only slid on one shoulder blade and my heels; but my bathing trunks offered too much resistance.)

Stella and I took turns being with Amy, so that the other could go sliding or could go swim outside or whatever.

We also tried taking one of the three foam discs off Amy's arms, but she didn't feel confident enough without them, nor did she have enough buoyancy, since she doesn't move her arms to help keep her head above water. So we put it back on again.

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