Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

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Oh, bother

I appear to have contracted athlete's foot from the swimming pool.

Again—I had got some last time, too, two weeks ago, and had just finished my course of topical antifungal cream.

At least the fungus had the decency to infect the other foot this time. (Though the crease of my little toe on the previous foot was rather red, too, so I'm going to dose both feet.)

The funny thing is that I had been afraid of getting athlete's foot again, and that I had considered buying some bath sandals at the swimming pool, but that was when I thought I wouldn't actually be swimming but mostly sitting at the side reading a book; by the time we got there, I had made up my mind to go into the water and then I thought I'd be running around enough (from the pool to the slide, etc.) that it would be too much of a bother to keep putting on and taking off my sandals, so I didn't buy any.

Maybe I should have, anyway. Especially if I contracted it not from the floors around the pools but from the showers or the changing rooms. (But that's pretty much impossible to prove.)

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