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Falling behind

The more I get behind on my LiveJournal friends page, the less I want to look at it, because my subconscious keeps telling me, "No -- wait until you have enough free time in one chunk that you can read back all the way to where you left off; then you won't miss anything".

But then I often don't, and slip further and further behind.

Perhaps I need to trim my reading list again, or at least make another custom friends group or two for "must-reads even if you don't have time for everything else"... but then I don't want to make other people feel that their content is less worthwhile or that they're less significant. Especially if the contents of the filters were public.

But on the other hand, I already subscribe to new entries for a couple of people whom I like to read even when I can't read other things, so perhaps I should just go ahead anyway.

And maybe people are more understanding about being skipped when I've less time than I give them credit for? Which ties in to the old problem that I have a hard time "reading minds" (or figuring out how people react to a given situation), which causes not only inappropriate responses sometimes but also dithering about what other people might think about something.

Another, related, point is where I worry about how "entertaining" (for lack of a better word) my entries are: much of the time, I post things because they cross my mind or because I find them interesting, but another part of me wants to please my readers and not post things that will bore the majority, or even make them defriend me, which always makes me a bit sad even though I've defriended people in the past because I skimmed over many of their entries more than I read them.

So, I hope that the people who read my journal find it interesting, or at least skip over the bits they don't :) It's fairly varied content, I think (language, my daughter, random memories, ...) so it's probably not for everybody. I'm not even sure how I could characterise it.

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