Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


The other day, we wanted to see whether Amy could already read the names of some shops or whether she only recognised the logos.

So Stella wrote a few names on a piece of paper, but Amy didn't recognise any of them.

Then she wrote NEWTON, but Amy didn't recognise that, either.

Then I pointed to each letter in turn and asked her to name them. "N-E-W-T-O-N", she said. "What's that spell?" I asked. "Newton!" she said.

Though I doubt she recognised it then; I think she had simply associated the sound sequences "Any double-you teo enn" and "new t@n" with each other after I had told her a couple of times that "Newton" was spelled "N-E-W-T-O-N". (Most commonly when she plays the Sims; she usually wants to make a new family each time she plays, nearly always called Newton, though the given names often vary, and she asks me how to write their names so that she can type them into the boxes in the Create-a-Sim screen.)

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