Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Bad spelling exists in every language

A link in another user's profile led me to, which has a link to lots of translated versions of their site (well, main page) on the sidebar at the left.

I clicked around a bit and found, among others, a Maltese translation.

And good grief, that site hurt my eyes with its spelling. And I'm not talking about the absence of diacritical marks (ċ ħ à), nor even of the absence of hyphens between pronoun+article and noun ("fil website") or the absence of the apostrophe after words such as ta' or tista'; I've pretty much come to expect that on the web. I'm talking about things such as "bix" for "biex", "trappjghat" for "ttrappjat", "huza"(!) for "uża", and "hawnek" for "hawnhekk". I've no idea what "jittrapjahwon" is even supposed to be. ("Jittrappjawhom"?) The use of initial j- after consonant (instead of i-, e.g. "prattikament jfarrakilhom") is also a bit disappointing.


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