Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Amy and the telephone

Amy's usually been pretty reticent about speaking on the phone; perhaps she was wary of this strange device where voices came out of people whom you couldn't see; she'd sometimes agree to listen to it but would usually not reply verbally.

However, when her aunt called to congratulate her on her birthday recently, Stella went up to her and said, "telephone for you", and Amy not only came to Stella but held the telephone to her ear and actually talked to Auntie Debbie!

She said perhaps I should call Amy occasionally, so that she would get more used to speaking on the telephone.

And that reminded me of the cartoon strip where Calvin calls his father on the phone and asks him to tell him a story... which ends up being about "the hydraulic pump (fig. 1), the wheel shaft flange (fig. 2), and the evil patent infringement". (You may be able to see the comic strip here.)

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