Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Desk calendars

I've always liked to have a page-a-day desk calendar.

I used to have a "Fox Trot" one at home and a "Dilbert" one at work, but they seem to have stopped making "Fox Trot" ones.

2008 I had an art calendar that featured reproductions of old maps from an early atlas; that was a serendipitous find that I came across browsing through a bookshop. 2009 I had one with phrases from Bastian Sick's works on the German language.

Now I'm wondering what to get for next year. The "Dilbert" one for work is as good as bought, but I wonder what to get for home (or whether to get one at all). I already bought two page-a-week calendars that I'm going to use for Postcrossing, since their pictures are intended as postcards. (I also bought the 2009 version of the "Nichtlustig" page-a-week postcard calendar, and may also get their 2010 one; even if I wouldn't send all of the cartoons as postcards, since there IMO better and worse ones, I'd get it for the jokes alone.)

There's a 2010 edition of Bastian Sick's calendar, too, but I'm not sure I'll be getting that; even within a year, some topics seem to be repeated, in order to fill 365 days' worth of material, and I can imagine 2010 would be more of the same.

I shall have to see what's around.

(I suppose I could get "Garfield", but I stopped finding him funny years ago.)

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