Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


Today, I had an eye exam at work from a lady who came in to evaluate our ability to work at a "Bildschirmarbeitsplatz" (essentially, where our work involves reading from a screen/monitor).

She was from England, though she preferred to speak German since, she said, she had only ever worked in Germany and so her job-specific vocabulary was lacking in English. And she spoke fluent German, having been her for 30 years, though (as she also said) the accent would never entirely go away.

Much of the exam went pretty much as expected; my right eye is quite a bit weaker than my left eye so I was able to see things better left than right.

When it came to stereoscopic vision, it was a catastrophe: I couldn't make the two images coincide at all. I even wondered whether the machine was adjusted wrongly or something.

She had a look inside and couldn't find anything wrong. When I tried again, pop! The two images fused. No idea what was up with that.

With four bars, I could tell which one was "closest", but the other three looked the same distance away, so only partial marks. (But since I'm not a pilot, that's not so important, she said.)

End result: complete suitability, check again in five years' time.

Unrelatedly, we chatted a bit before and during the exam, and she encouraged me to go to England on holidays -- perhaps to Cornwall, since she said that's a very child-friendly area. We shall have to see what our budget says; I've certainly wanted to go back to England on holiday for years.

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