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Philip Newton

Amyism: how to express doing two things simultaneously / And: messing with Amy's head

For doing two things simultaneously, Amy used to borrow an expression from German into her English: she'd say, for example, "I want to watch television by eating" (= while eating), based apparently on German "Ich möchte beim Essen Fernsehen gucken" (I want by/at-the eating television to-watch). I'd usually repeat the sentence using "while", making it into a question ("Oh, you want to watch television while you eat?"), but without further comment.

However, recently she started using the correct English structure... and transferring it into German! The other day, I heard "Ich möchte Fernsehen gucken weil ich esse", which is grammatical German but means something else ("I want to watch television because I eat")—but in this instance, she clearly wasn't using "weil" with its German meaning but as a loanword for English "while"!.

Fun stuff.

Unrelatedly, Amy was up for quite a while last night.

When Stella went upstairs at about 9:30 to tell her to get to bed already, she thought she'd play with Amy's mind a bit first: when she came up, she said, "Good morning! Time to get up!"

Amy looked a bit shocked and said, "Oh... I've been playing here the whole time." Apparently, she had believed Stella and figured she must have played the whole night through without noticing. (Stella figured her sense of time wouldn't be developed enough to tell the difference between an hour and eight... or to know how long nights are supposed to be in the first place.)

Stella then went on with, "We're going to the doctor's soon; do you want to get dressed already or do you want to catch some sleep first?", to which Amy replied that she wanted to get dressed—at which point Stella told her she had just been kidding, and told her to go to bed.

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