Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

The things you learn: Teitelbaum

I was eating some dates right now and decided to look up "Date" in Wikipedia, which brought me to the article Phoenix dactylifera on the date palm.

Looking at the Interwiki links to see what it's called in other languages, I see that the link in the Yiddish Wikipedia is called טײטלבױם Teytlboym. And a light went on in my head.

You see, in my school, there was a girl called Teitelbaum (Yaara was her first name, I think). So I guess her family name was a Yiddish "date palm" in a Germanicised orthography! (Or, nearly equivalently, a dialectal/regional/obsolete German word. At any rate, I had never heard of "Teitel" before.)

(FWIW, in German it'd be "Dattelpalme".)

Tags: the things you learn

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