Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


Stella went around the houses with Amy and Jana, while I stayed home.

Several trick-or-treaters knocked on the door... the older ones were rather annoying. "Hey, can't I have some more?" "Let me just grab some out of the bowl myself."

Fortunately, there were only two pairs of those. But seriously—in my mind, trick-or-treating like that is for younger kids; by the time you're 14 or so, you should be doing something else.

The younger kids were decent about things, though.

(FWIW, in Germany the most common greeting for trick-or-treaters is "Süßes oder Saures" ("sweet things or sour"), which I think translates into "Give us sweet things, 'sonst gibt's Saures'", literally "otherwise there'll be sour things", but idiomatically "otherwise there'll be [physical] consequences".)

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