Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


Just found out that my GeoCities web pages are backed up on both and

Also, Jyyne's Grade 3 Braille page is also up on

I wonder whether I should put up my web pages (that I screen-scraped before it went down) in my own space, perhaps updating things such as my contact info, or maybe finally getting around to putting a few lessons in there, extracted from my notes. (Hey, only a dozen years later.)

And maybe putting up the Grade 3 Braille page up "properly" as well, since it was pretty much the only information on Grade 3 English Braille I was able to find on the net. I did try to get hold of the author to ask for permission (through LibraryThing, since I couldn't find any other contact information) but didn't get a reply yet.

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