Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

The wondrous eating habits of the domestic Amy

When we went to the big public library on Saturday, one of the books Amy checked out was a "first 100 words"-type book with Maisy Mouse (as I mentioned recently).

The other evening, I was looking at a couple of pages with her as a "bedtime story", asking her whether she knew all the words for the things pictured there.

She did know most of them, but one picture in particular eluded her, apparently because she couldn't identify it. It showed a cup with a label on it bearing a strawberry, and the caption was "yogurt".

I tried to give her a clue by saying, "It's in the fridge and you can eat it with a spoon." Her face lit up in realisation and she said, "Tomato paste!"

And yes, she would eat tomato paste (tomato purée? this stuff) with a spoon if we'd let her. As it is, she likes to eat it on toast with maize (sweetcorn) on it, or together with noodles.

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