Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Natashka / Toasty soldiers

The other day, a lady saw her daughter (who was perhaps eight?) to the bus and asked the bus driver to help make sure she got off at a certain bus stop. Then she said good-bye to her daughter, calling her "Natashka".

That's not a form I had heard before; is it one of those only-for-small-children forms, presumably for Nataliya/Natal'ya? (I knew "Natasha" without the -k-.)

Can someone tell me anything about "toasty soldiers"? I had never heard of them until I was an adult, at which point I saw them mentioned in a children's book we got from the library. From the context, it seemed like something that most British children would be familiar with.

It seems to involve strips of toast dipped in an egg, but that's as far as I've been able to gather.

Is this really something eaten commonly?

What else is involved? Is the toast toasted or "raw"? I presume the egg is soft-boiled, but with the white firm already? Does the toast usually have butter or anything else on it? How many strips do you make? Do you dip it in once and then eat the whole thing? Or bite off the eggy bit and then dip it in again until the strip is gone? Is there a typical "game" associated with eating this dish—say, dipping several strips in at once and lining them up on your plate or something? Would this dish be found in a restaurant, or is it purely a home-made thing? Why's it called "toasty soldiers"?

Sadly, Wikipedia seems not to have heard of it.

Edit: Everything2 has an entry on them, though. And have Americans really not heard of egg cups? Oh, the humanity. However do you eat your eggs, then?

And unrelatedly, I was gratified to see that I'm not the only one to call the this Amy used to use a "pusher" and a "sippy cup". (Though a Google Images search for "sippy cup" reveals some things that look more bottle-ish than cup-ish to me. Perhaps I should call her "sippy bottle" a "sippy cup", then, too, if that's the term that others use.)

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