Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Christmas Eve

Stella had arranged for Amy and me to spend Christmas Eve with the Gerulats.

Viola and the Elders were also there.

First, we had some biscuits and tea, then we went over to the living room where we read the "Christmas Story" (read by Luca; Bettina said that at her age, she had difficulty reading the small print in the subdued lighting) and sang some songs.

Then it was time for the presents. So that Amy wouldn't be without any, Stella had wrapped up a doll and some clothing for her and put it in the boot of the car, and earlier on I took Amy on a tour of the house while Peter fetched the presents from the car and placed them underneath the tree.

So Amy was quite surprised when she got something, too—and not just from us, but also a Kinder Egg and some lollipops from the Gerulats (and I got a book from them).

The big present of the evening was a Wii, which they then spent a bit of time setting up, after which everyone got to make a Mii.

Then it was time for dinner. There were lots and lots of different things on the table: a delicious combination. And even if you only tasted a bit of each dish, you would have been full, I think. Stella joined us just before dinner, I think.

Soon after dinner, around nine o'clock, I decided to go home: just before dessert started, but it was late and I was full and Amy was tired.

So we drove home and put Amy to bed, and now that she's sleeping, Stella is wrapping presents and basically preparing for our Christmas tomorrow morning.

I had a good time there and I'm glad Stella arranged for us to be there. And Bettina said she wouldn't mind if we joined them next year, too. So we shall have to see about that :)

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