Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Amy: hair and diet

A short while ago, Amy cut off some of her hair... just when the hair she had cut off one one side had grown back nicely, she went and cut off some hair on the other side.

Stella sent her to the hairdresser's with me to attempt to salvage what she could; she had to chop off quite a bit more than last time due to the way Amy had cut. So now Amy has pretty short hair. (And when she was done, I could see myself in her for the first time; with that short hair, she looked quite strikingly like some pictures I've seen of me as a small child.)

In other news, Amy is on a dairy-free diet now.

She had had some diarrhoea for a while and Stella wondered whether that might be due to milk so she thought she'd give it a try: one week without milk, then see what happens when she re-introduces it. So we told the teachers in kindergarten about it so they wouldn't give her any, and we bought soy–rice milk for her breakfast cereal.

And it really made quite a difference, not only in her stool but, Stella says, Amy doesn't complain about tummy-aches any more, which she used to do occasionally.

She's taken really well to the change in diet. She finishes off soy chocolate pudding with gusto, takes her cereal with her soy–rice milk ("her milk"), has given away her chocolate to me "because she won't be needing it any more", and so on. I'm happily surprised.

Stella has also taken to having soy milk with her cereal (but a different kind from Amy's, since Amy's kind makes her mouth itch; she has a salt-free soy milk that's marketed as being for baking).

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