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Tax return and BRIO®

Yesterday, we got our tax return… nearly €1,200. That was certainly worth the effort spent preparing our statement.

In other news, Stella bought a BRIO® train set that was on sale for half price at Karstadt. It was still a bit expensive at just under €50, but cheap for BRIO. It turned out that two short curved rails were missing, but the rest seemed to be fine; some of the plastic bags were still unopened.

But since we can't well return it for a complete set (we'd just get our money back, if anything) and buying the extra rails is a lot cheaper than the money we saved buying it at half price, that's fine. Whee! The first step towards a BRIO collection. (Except for a locomotive which Stella gave me as a birthday present half a year ago.)

I used to play with BRIO a fair amount when I was a child. Good stuff, but expensive.

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