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State of the Marek; Sign language; Amy’s photographs

Marek has been waking up at two o’clock in the morning for a while now, and since Stella wants to get him to sleep through the night, she tried to feed him at ten in the evening and wouldn’t feed him until at least four o’clock—so he’d often stay awake for an hour or so until he’d finally fall back asleep.

The other day, Stella said she thought that might be because of a growth spurt; she remembered from when Amy was small that whenever she had a developmental burst, that was preceded by a time of exceptional crankiness, though she’d only recognise such phases in retrospect when she saw the development.

What Marek can do now is turn around from his back onto his side: he’ll grab hold of his feet and then roll over onto his side. If you help him, he can also turn all the way around onto his tummy, but he can’t (yet) do it all the way by himself.

In related news, I try to use some sign language with Marek, and I’ve decided to use basically ASL for that. I got a trial membership at Signing Savvy and use the videos there to learn.

And Amy has taken to that like a fish to water; she’s really good at remembering signs I’ve showed her, even some time ago, and I’ve seen her use the occasional sign to me or to him, too. She seems to treat it as a game, but I still find it interesting.

I imagine she must have inherited my talent for languages.

For a project in kindergarten, all children were supposed to take some pictures: of their home, their favourite food, their family, that sort of thing. So Amy did, too, and they turned out surprisingly well considering that that was the first time she had held a camera in her hands.

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