Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

It’s a foreign (written) language even for those for whom it’s their native (spoken) language

It’s amusing sometimes to read some people’s written Rumantsch Grischun, where they make mistakes based on their “native” written idiom.

(Most recent example: an invitation, where the Sursilvan shone through in the masculine plural participle ending -ì (sr: sg -i pl -i, rg: sg -ì pl -ids), including an instance of the masc/fem form “bainvegnì(das)” (sr: beinvegni(das), rg: bainvegnid(a)s); and also in “dat ei” for “gibt es” rather than rg “datti”.)

Also makes me feel better about the mistakes I make :-)

Tags: romansh
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