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Dropbox FTW

I must say I’m finding Dropbox rather convenient.

It’s not only good as a little backup thing or for keeping some files I like to have access to on all my computers (such as my Klingon and Lojban dictionaries), which I had previously synchronised by copying them from one place to another, in one place; recently, I’ve also put it to good use for one-off file transfers: if I come across a file at work that I need at home (or vice versa), then I’ll download it in one place, pop it into my Dropbox, and have it automagically appear in the other place, at which point I can move it to its final resting place or delete it or do whatever is appropriate.

Previously, I’d have emailed myself the link, and then hoped that I’d remember the email in the other place and act on it, and this seems better somehow.

So yay!

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