Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

State of the computer

So, I got an email today at 12:15 telling me that my computer had gone into production. Whee!

Looking into my account, it appears that the status change was already at 10:30.

It’s evening, now, and I still haven’t got a message telling me it’s been dispatched, though. Meh :( On the other hand, when I had phoned to inquire how long it would typically take to get here, the chap on the phone said that if work started on it today, it could be finished “today or tomorrow”, so things are still on track, I suppose. (Shipping usually took “one to two days”, he said.) So we shall see when it arrives.

I had an idea today to call the computer “Alma”. Everyone gets to pick whether they want the Nephite meaning, the German/Latin one, the Spanish one, the Crimean Tatar one, or the Hebrew one.

Tags: computers
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