Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Still no computer :(

Starting to get a bit worried about my computer. It went into production on Monday, so I would have expected it to ship by Tuesday at the latest.

Today’s Wednesday, and there’s still no sign of it. I called them up at about half-past five (shortly before they closed for the day at six) to inquire, and the chap on the phone said he’d need to look up something, could he call me back? I left my mobile phone number with him and he said he’d get back to me soon.

Well, close of business has come and gone, and I still have no news.

Stella says she’s starting to worry they’re in the nocturnal aviation business and will simply take our money and not deliver the goods (and I wondered, briefly, whether I should have sent the money via my VISA card so that I could have, perhaps, disputed the charge with them). But that’s not the impression I got from reading their forum and a couple of other places on the Internet (let alone the test in c’t magazine); there were some disgruntled customers who had to wait too long for a machine because parts (especially higher-end graphics cards) were not available in a timely manner, or who had an encounter with an unfriendly employee on the phone, or whose computer needed to be repaired several times—but nobody who even intimated that they never got what they paid for.

ETA Thu 12:30: The computer is now boxed up and ready for UPS to pick up, according to an email notification I got a quarter of an hour ago. So, (cautious) yay!

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