Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

I has a computer

So! My computer is now finally there.

Stella phoned me at 14:45 on Friday to tell me that UPS had delivered the box.

When I got home, I started setting it up. I had expected the case fans to be rather loud, but they were nearly inaudible. Today, I can hear a bit of... noise is wrong... sound from the computer, but it's fairly low-key, and Stella says it's quieter than my old machine. So that's good.

Am impressed that my Windows performance rating went from 3.4 to 5.9 (based on the hard disk performance - 7.5 or so if I ignore that!).

I'm a little confused why they put in a Samsung DVD-ROM drive when I had ordered a LG one... at first I thought I had messed up and ordered a LG DVD-RW but a Samsung DVD-ROM, but no, my order confirmation had two LG optical drives. The email that said my computer would be shipped had a Samsung there, though, as did the invoice.

And the disk itself identifies itself as a "TSSTcorp" one; took me a google to find out that that meant Samsung -- well, Toshiba-Samsung. And the writer also has a cryptical internal name, but I'm fairly confident it really is an LG one based on the front slot covering.

I wondered whether to complain, but since that's my "secondary" optical drive, it's perhaps not that much of a deal. (In my old computer, too, the writer was my main drive and was a decent Phillips one, while the reader - which had come with the computer - was something cheaper.) Still, I wonder why they made the switch without asking or telling me.

They also put in a case fan with LEDs even though I had asked (in the "notes" field) for them to put in non-illuminated case fans -- I had been told that would be possible. That's fairly minor, though, too.

I'm a bit miffed that the CD supplied with it only had Nero Express Essentials; my previous machine had had not only that but also Nero Burning ROM Essentials, which is what I always used (since I was used to Nero Burning ROM from work). Meh. Ah well.

I'm also rather disappointed at the keyboard; I thought Cherry was good, but it has a rather rubbery feel and is pretty noisy -- Stella said it would drive her mad if she were trying to sleep and I was typing. So, meh.

(I'm almost considering keeping my previous keyboard and selling the new one along with the old computer. Which would also have the advantage of letting me hibernate the PC at the touch of a button, assuming that works on the new computer without needing special drivers.)

More memory seems good so far.

Haven't seen much difference with The Sims 3 or Second Life, but then, I only played them for a couple of minutes each so far.

Got it repartitioned into three drives the way I like it (C: system, D: programs, E: data), and even have "My Documents" point to E:\pne\Documents now. (AppData\Local and some other things are still under C:\Users\pne, though.) Will have to find out whether it's possible to have the default installation directory for programs be on the D: drive.

Also allocated some space for some partitions I might be installing Linux into.

It's also fun to see my processor overclocking itself occasionally -- I installed Intel's TurboBoost monitor gadget and occasionally see the core frequency going up, so apparently it often has enough thermal headroom. (Speaking of which, the CPU cooler is huge.)

Less fun is the fact that installing a 64-bit JDK is apparently not enough to allow Base or Azureus to run; after installing a 32-bit JRE afterwards, both were happy.

So! On the whole, looks decent, though a couple of corners mar the experience.

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