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I less-than-three my new computer

Now that I’ve had my computer for a week, I’ve noticed that the fans are not as silent as I had thought. But they’re still fairly quiet, and I only hear them rarely (and most commonly in the evenings when it’s quiet)—mostly, I tune out their sound. So that’s all right.

And 4 GB really seems to be enough; I’ve noticed after playing The Sims 3 that the memory curve never even gets close to 100%, so I’ve taken to no longer closing down other programs (even Firefox, which can turn into a bit of a memory hog if it’s been running for a while).

And a lot of things seem quite a bit faster—including, oddly enough, Internet file transfers, though the DSL connection hasn’t changed.

And the fact that it has four real cores means that Mozy configuration, even if it chews CPU on startup sometimes, can’t hang my computer the way it used to, but at most one of the cores, while the others remain responsive.

I heart my PC.

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