Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Helping others

Occasionally, when I come across someone who… not quite sure what it is, but something like “I find what they’re doing worthwhile…, I have the urge to give them money or help them out somehow, even if I can’t realistically given the budget I have.

Some forms this takes are “I wish I could give X a permanent account, as a reward for all the help they put in on Y community” or “I wish I could buy a couple of hundred copies of this software so that the company who makes this nifty thing can continue to stay in business” or “I wish I could give P a scholarship for their university as a reward for what they do in Q field”.

A pity that I don’t have the resources to do this….

(And, FWIW? The X in my first example already has a permanent account. Which frustrated me when I found out: now even if had had the money, I couldn’t give them a permanent account with it. The feeling was a bit irrational, I suppose.)

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