Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Nursing in public, and other things

Today at church I watched a young woman breastfeed her young son. (Well, maybe "watched" gives the wrong impression; I noticed that she did so.) And I think it's a good idea.

I think breastfeeding is good for children and that women who choose to do so are doing them good. And that it's OK to do so even in a semi-public place since, with practice, you can do so without exposing yourself to other people. Also less disruptive (and probably more convenient) than having to leave and look for a private place.

Today was also the Primary children's presentation. It went on for pretty long. The poor children were also a little high-strung since they had had to sit still for two hours during the final rehearsal. Anika was rather indignant about that when she drove us home; she had told the leader that they should have done some movement games and songs during the rehearsal to give especially the little children a chance to move around.

Leon was so nervous that he bit another boy. Both started crying and they interruped the whole thing. Bettina acted quickly and suggested that the congregation sing a song together to give the children time to calm down again.

Since Stella was sitting up front with the children since she's a Primary teacher, I decided to sit with Köhlers. That is, until Brother Heyen came up to me and asked me to bless the sacrament. He had done that last time I sat with them as well (when Stella was ill). Maybe someone doesn't want me to sit there ;)

Sonja gave me a late birthday present. I think it's a Calvin and Hobbes comic, but I haven't opened it yet.
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