Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Danish influence

I came across the Wikipedia in Kalaallisut ((West) Greenlandic) today, and it was interesting to see how its internationalisms came from Danish—something that makes sense once I’ve thought about it but which seemed quaint to me at first nonetheless.

So, it’s amusing to me to see terms such as “Økologi” or “Arkæologi” or “Fysik” or “Ingeniørilerineq” with their Danish(-influenced) spelling. Or to see that “German” is, apparently, called “Tyskisut”. (Though I wonder where “Qallunaatut” for “Danish” and “Tuluttut” for “English” come from. Or why “Swedish” is “Svenskisuut” with -uu-.)

Or perhaps I’m just easily amused.

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