Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton


Went to Kiel today.

Set off early in the morning to go to church there. Stella got to meet lots of old acquaintances.

Amy was very well-behaved, and stayed in Primary by herself both for class and for sharing time.

After church, we went to my parents-in-law’s for dinner, then some socialising. Amy (as befits an only grandchild) got two boxes of new stuff for her Barbies (which she has started to play with recently).

In the late afternoon, we went over to Goldmunds’; they gave us two boxes of English children’s books which their children have outgrown (their younger son is about fourteen now…), as well as a box of BRIO trains and tracks. Yay! Amy loves BRIO trains but doesn’t have many tracks yet, and we can always use English books. And Goldmunds only wanted €20 for the tracks and nothing at all for the books.

After we got out of the Elbe tunnel on the way home, the light seemed glaring and my eye started to water briefly, so I left the motorway and we went home the rest of the way on slower roads—for the most part, ones with little traffic. So I didn’t have to drive so fast, which was good, considering that I spent much of that bit with one eye closed. Got that under control eventually, thank goodness, and when we got home, I took a shower to get any stray pollen off my skin and out of my hair.

Stella recommended the eyedrops she has; I might have to ask my doctor about some. For now, though, it seems as if it’s a good idea to start taking loratidin (generic Claritin) again….

Also, even though the trip was only a bit more than an hour, I was very glad by the time we got home; I’m really not used to long car trips as a driver. (Which clinches it: when we go to Frankfurt in summer, it’ll be by train.)

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