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Out for lunch

Yesterday evening, Stella and I went out eating with the Schlüters again, to an American restaurant called Cage. According to one of Stella's teachers, they serve "the best burgers outside the United States".

I had a bacon burger with chips and salad, and it was fairly decent. Stella had a vegetarian burger. Anika had a hard time choosing anything; I finally convinced her to go for the trout. Harald had chicken chips with fried potatoes.

It was a pleasant evening again, as it has usually been when we go out with them.

We paid for all of it, since the restaurant didn't accept plastic and Harald didn't have enough cash with them. Afterwards, Stella insisted on not receiving any money back, but because this obviously made them very uncomfortable and because that made us feel uncomfortable, we relented later in the evening and called them to say that they could pay their share, not because we wanted to make them but because we didn't want this to stand between us and produce uncomfortable feelings on both sides.

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