Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Cleaning up my Garmin favourites

So I decided to look for an XML prettyprinter so that I could clean up my Garmin favourites.

I exported an old version (from the last time I did this…) and the current version, pretty-printed them and then diffed them, to see what strange categories had been messed up this time.

Fortunately, it only added bizarre categories this time, rather than replacing existing ones with bizarre ones, so I just had to delete the offending bits and re-sync. (Now let’s hope it’ll leave them alone for a while.)

(FWIW, I used this online XML pretty-printer. I couldn't save the resulting XML file, though, so I ended up exporting to HTML, then copy-pasting to Vim.)

Edit: I just updated the firmware... and it had mushed in its weird categories back into the file. *sigh* (And also included some GPX extensions: speed and course. Which is fine, I suppose. So I’ll add those, then remove the categories again.)

Edit: except the speed and course are “speed: 31.57; course: 1.41” for all points. Which is obviously garbage.

Does anyone test those firmware releases? Or did I just get a dud device?

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