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Stella ordered The Sims 3: Ambitions the other day, which arrived today.

I made a backup of my game files and of the program directory… just in case I wanted to roll back afterwards. (Since patching from 1.2 to 1.8 made me gnash my teeth enough.)

Installing went fairly smoothly, though I was a little uneasy at the fact that it didn’t prompt me for an installation language, the way I thought I remembered the TS3 expansion packs doing.

However, after installation, everything seemed to be in English, as before, and not in German, so that was good. I tried a pre-made family (Molly Coddle) in the new neighbourhood (Twinbrooks?), and things seemed fine: no big exploding ball visible from outer space so far. Saving went fine, as far as I could tell, too.

I think I’ll play her for a day or two, and if things still seem fine, I’ll try my main family, the one I’ve been playing for months (on and off).

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