Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

Direct recycling: making envelopes out of maps (among other things)

Today, I got a letter at work inviting me to a presentation.

They had two quite eye-catching gimmicks.

The second one was in the letter itself, where they asked whether code quality can be assured by simply “sticking a plaster on it”—and at the side of the letter was a bit of code with an actual sticky plaster on top! Nifty.

But the big one, the one I saw before I even opened the envelope, was that the envelope had been made out of an old map (of the area near Traunstein near the Chiemsee, as it happened). Definitely an eye-catcher.

Apparently, the envelope was produced by a company called D!rektrecycling. Now I want to buy some note-paper blocks, letter stationery, and envelopes made out of old maps….

I wonder whether to get envelopes where the map bit is on the inside or the outside; they make both kinds. I suppose the map-inside one is more understated, simply using some recycled paper, while the map-outside one is more showy.

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