Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

First day of pre-school

Yesterday was Amy’s first day of pre-school, but since it didn’t start till 12:00 and their day is over by 13:00, today was her first “real” day—children didn’t have to bring all their supplies (folders, pencils, etc.) yet and it was more a get-to-know-each-other, show-you-the-classroom thing.

Parents came at 12:00; the two classes in second grade put on performances, and the children were called up by their teachers and left into the classrooms. All that was over by about 12:15, after which the parents were free to have some coffee and cake (served by the PTA) and wait till 13:00 to take their children home again.

Most of the children had school cones; some smaller, some larger. Amy’s was smaller than “standard size” (what first-graders typically get when they start school), but it was still among the larger ones there—I guess pre-school typically calls for an even smaller one. Ah well. But hers wasn’t the biggest present, either, so I suppose that’s all right. And it was good that she had one, I think, because the majority of children did—I had expected a ratio of only about 50% of children with school cones.

I had taken the day off to be there.

Today, I walked to school with Amy and Stella; she seemed quite happy to be dropped off there, which is good. I hope she’ll have fun.

One bit of good news: Stella asked whether she should pick up Amy at two, after the mandatory remedial language instruction they had put her down for in the acceptance letter, and the teacher said that Amy wasn’t on the list for that after all, so we could come at one o’clock. So that’s good, I think, because I wasn’t sure whether she really needed that.

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