Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

My first ticket

We rented a car for this weekend.

Because we wanted to go to IKEA on Friday evening (as we often do when we rent a car), I suggested that we meet at Harburg bus station and take the bus to the rental company together.

Since Amy is six now, she needs a ticket to take the bus, so Stella bought one for herself (since it was between four and six in the afternoon, her ticket isn’t valid) and one for Amy.

And when I got there from work, Amy showed me her ticket. She was so proud of her first ticket! I guess she felt all big having one.

At IKEA, Amy got two presents: a fairy frog that she had got an e-mail coupon for on her birthday, and some felt-tip pens with stamps on the other end because it was her sixth time in Småland.

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