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Ascension Day

Ascension Day is a public holiday in Germany. Most German men celebrate this day (which is also considered Fathers' Day) by going out with friends and a crate of beer in a handcart and having a picknick(sp?) and getting roaring drunk.

In the wards I've been in, it's been traditional to have an outing on that day as well. So it was again this year; the ward planned an outing in the Fischbeker Heide, a very green area in the southwest of Hamburg.

We played some games (such as "duck, duck, goose", football, and badminton), grilled, and ate salads which people had brought for a potluck buffet.

I found it rather enjoyable for part of the time but a bit boring in the long run. A couple of other men seemed to share my feeling; perhaps it's more a woman thing to congregate and "chew the fat". Badminton was bad because whenever the shuttlecock flew high and I looked up to track its flight, the sun would be directly in my eye. But other than that, that was fun :)

I went home at around three with Anika and Harald. Stella stayed on, and Bellins brought her back around six. They also picked up a bunch of shirts of Ulf's which Stella had ironed for them. We also looked up for Hella what it would cost to put something up for auction at eBay with a starting price of €50.

When Hella left, she hugged me, which made me feel good. I like getting hugs from ladies.
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