Philip Newton (pne) wrote,
Philip Newton

What do you call those sleeve protectors that bookkeepers used to wear?

It used to belong to the cliché of a bookkeeper that they wore a kind of visor and something over their lower sleeves to protect them from ink. For pictures of what I mean, have a look at this page from a costume rental company and search for “Buchhalter” - there's a whole costume, just the sleeve protectors, and just the visor.

What are those sleeve protectors called in English? (They're “Ärmelschoner” in German, or “sleeve treat-with-care-ers/go-easy-on-ers”.)

Also, why did bookkeepers wear those visor thingies? To shade their eyes from the bright light on their desks totting up numbers until late at night?

Printers wore such visors, too, didn’t they.

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